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Computer Network Services – Clearwater, FL

MetroTech offers a wide range of computer network services and support for your business. In today’s business environment, technology can be your biggest helper, or your biggest hindrance. From technology to help you provide better communication and customer service, to storing your data and client information efficiently and securely. Network issues are inevitable for any system costing your company productivity and resources. Why not minimize your company’s exposure and unnecessary expense with MetroTech’s Network Managed Services?

Network Consultant

MetroTech can help your business by working to understand your business’s unique processes and methods, then show you technology that is easily implemented with little cost. Our experts not only understand the value technology can bring but business in general. A far cry from “just another geek”, we work to become your business technology partner and as such, help you grow your business. Maximize your business’s technology investment as well as identify risks and opportunities. When building out your network, our team of network architects can help you design the solution around your business now, as well as accounting for growth.

Metrotech Computer Network Management

Computer Network Architect

Metrotech’s professional network architects will then proceed to design a custom network solution that will enhance your corporate workflow. We will present our solution and work with you refining until we are confident that we have presented the most efficient networking solution for your company. Our architect working in conjunction with the technicians will deploy the system, testing and adjusting till we achieve for you a smooth workflow. As your company continues to grow, our network architect will refine your existing system to include the additional staff members and make suggestions on updating equipment to increase your company’s productivity

Managed Network Service Plans

At MetroTech, we offer our clients the option of three standard Managed Network Service Plans to choose from. Our trained technician will setup and provide maintenance for your wired or wireless connections to your network servers. We also recognize that each company’s needs are unique so we will custom design a plan specifically to fit your computer network requirements if necessary. Our team of professional technicians work diligently to keep connectivity and security issues from disrupting your corporate network infrastructure. All of our packages provide 24 hour, 7 days a week, 365 days a year of web based monitoring and remote backup service. Why not have the team at MetroTech proactively working to ensure that your server, computers and printers are functioning at their optimal performance level, minimizing your network downtime.

Benefits Of
Managed IT Services

Peace of Mind – Know that we are monitoring your systems for failure, and will respond to it immediately

Easy Communication – One number to call, or better yet, we call you when we identify a problem

Flexible Levels of Service – Choose the amount of service you need for your business

Easy Budgeting – Rather than big ups and downs in payment for IT services, a simple flat payment per month

Better System Performance – Everyone hates waiting on the computer

Antivirus Included – The dreaded virus can and will be avoided, your data protected

No Long Term Contracts

Network Management
Worry Free Managed IT Service
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