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Experienced Server Management

Why is it important to have an experienced Server Management Service provider? At the heart of most companies is their enterprise server amassing infrastructure and client data on a minute by minute bases. Your server allows for file sharing between employees, department, remote offices, software sharing, file storage, centralized data back-up and firewall protection for the entire corporate system. If it misses a beat, everyone is affected. Since 2005, MetroTech has been one of the top providers in Tampa Bay offering complete server management services. This allows you and your staff the freedom to work on your business while our team of technicians protect your data.

MetroTech’s Proactive Server Management

At MetroTech our experienced technicians implement a proactive approach to server maintenance. Extensive monitoring with multiple check lists, our technician will diagnose and repair potential problems before your staff or clients ever notice.

Metrotech Server Management

MetroTech’s Proactive Approach Also Includes:

  • Monitoring and management of you servers security to prevent firewall intrusions and attacks.
  • Providing routine data back-ups and maintaining proven configuration settings that allow optimal up time during migration, updates or changes.
  • Perform application of OS and panel upgrades to prevent software bugs and security flaws to affect your services.

Trust your critical data infrastructure to an established server management company. At MetroTech, we have the training and skill required to support all major hardware vendors and operating systems. Our IT consultants will provide an accurate prediction of performance degradation and capacity issues, empowering your company to make an informative decision on server upgrades or replacements.

Benefits Of
Managed IT Services

Peace of Mind – Know that we are monitoring your systems for failure, and will respond to it immediately

Easy Communication – One number to call, or better yet, we call you when we identify a problem

Flexible Levels of Service – Choose the amount of service you need for your business

Easy Budgeting – Rather than big ups and downs in payment for IT services, a simple flat payment per month

Better System Performance – Everyone hates waiting on the computer

Antivirus Included – The dreaded virus can and will be avoided, your data protected

No Long Term Contracts

Server Management
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