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With all good things, there is always abusers and computer security is no exception. Today’s computerized society is no different and computer hacker(s) exist for known and unknown reasons. With that said, business owners should be concerned with their corporate computer security. Every other month you see or hear of another Fortune 500 company announcing the detection of a data breach. Most times, it is ultimately discovered that the breach has been ongoing for years, with hacker(s) obtaining a wealth of information from their computer system. This liability of the security breach, and the ultimate recovery, can be financially devastating to any corporation. Some business owners’ reason that their company would not be a likely target because hackers only go after Fortune 500 companies. Not true, if your system stores credit card information, has a data base of client’s names, addresses and social security numbers or just has a domain-based email address, you are a potential target. We are sure the breached corporations felt they had the proper security practices in place and they probably did. At MetroTech we are concerned with what hasn’t been detected yet. Hackers/criminals find new ways to breach corporate network security and go unnoticed gathering updated information as implemented. Why hackers attack, we don’t know but we do know that no company is immune from the possibility of an attack.

At MetroTech IT, we work with small to medium sized businesses. We believe your first step in computer security is having” Best Practices” in place. We believe that every company, no matter what size, needs to have one corporate staff member that is involved with the company’s computer security, a liaison with your IT company. That person needs to be engaged and involved. They need to take an interest in the company’s equipment, be aware of the history of each piece of equipment, firmware and operating systems updates. They also need to be aware of and help educate the staff about proper corporate interaction that involves the company’s computer system. Here are a few examples; the damage that can occur from opening emails that come from unknown or suspicious email addresses or the security leak that can occur from employees charging their cell phones (limited security included) by plugging its USB into the company’s computers, or the use of a personal thumb drive on a company computer.

When you have MetroTech IT on your team, we get to know your equipment. We evaluate your current systems’ security protocol from the internet inward. Our experienced technicians will discuss with you any concern we may have about your current computer system’s security and make the approximate recommendations. MetroTech’s primary belief; your best defenses against a possible hack is a quality firewall. We will evaluate your existing firewall and will make recommendations when necessary. We will organize the updates for your operating system so you stay current, preventing additional paths into your system. We will monitor and maintain your server and network systems in a proactive approach to securing your equipment. We will work directly with your staff liaison on current security concerns, when security notices arise, questions or concerns about your system and also when purchasing new software, and how it all effects the security of your corporate data.

Questions About Computer Security

Why computer security is important for a company?

Simply put computers today are directly connected and continuously communicating with the internet. When your computer is not secure you can leak financial details, private documents and other sensitive materials without even being aware. If you operate a business, you may be in violation of one or more compliance requirements for your industry. Your insurance company may not cover if you are proven negligent.

How computer security works?

Computer security is multi-faceted. It requires continual maintenance, proper protection software and hardware. It requires good staff training and awareness.

Corporate computer security, where to start?

At the user! Users are the biggest vulnerability. Modern operating systems are much more secure out of the box than in the past.

What is a computer security risk?

Data Theft

How can computer security be achieved?

Proactive monitoring, logging, good training, situational awareness.

Are you prepared if your company has a computer breach?

This is a question every business owner, manager or executive should ask themselves. To start with, they need to:

  1. Review what existing steps you have in place.
  2. Routinely check your back-up:
    1. Is your scheduled back-up current?
    2. Is you back-up including new files during its backup routine?
    3. Are you sending a copy to an additional or remote location?
    4. Test that you can restore from your back-up copies.
  3. Has your company performed and kept current your virus protection?
  4. Has your company kept your operating system up to date?
  5. It might be time to determine if your company can handle your computer security in-house or hire an outside IT company to monitor your systems to help prevent a computer breach?

Computer security when traveling?

Use of Company laptop outside of the company network require corporate controls and Virtual Private Network (VPN) usage can prevent attacks while in public places.

Is Computer security really an issue?

More now than ever, including the explosive IOT – Internet Of Things market. Many devices are insecure.

Computer Security vs Information Security?

Computer security and information security from a digital perspective have a very blurred line, Information security starts with your users and phone attacks, social engineering and just chatty personnel can all contribute to information security breaches.

Who is a computer security expert?

There are many experts. Your IT professional should be versed in the best practices, however many cases have very unique requirements and sometimes it requires a security specialist with industry certification.

Computer security should be first and foremost.

Turn on the news any given day and you will hear examples of security concerns.

Why does your company need Managed IT to monitor against security threats?

Managed IT Service organizations will help you put together a balanced solution including the required maintenance and logging to suit your needs. They will also train your employees for best practices.

Was the security breach avoidable?

Most breaches are avoidable. The breaches that occurred are usually caused by human error. Some however are just exploitable opportunistic attacks that the company may not be able to prevent.

Which security risk is an example of malware?

Many malware programs are designed to steal information ranging from just collecting data, to advertise to you and others are stealing trade secrets, client data or financial data.

Computer security will not allow downloads.

That is impractical in some cases, organizations have “an air gap” where classified systems are not connected to the non-classified nor the internet” most businesses would employ a system that scans downloads at the entry point before they are given to the computer.

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