MetroTech’s  Managed IT Service Packages

Agent On Each Workstation X X X
On-Screen Remote Connect For Quick Issue Resolution X X X
Preventative Maintenance X X X
System Monitoring X X X
OS Patch Management Critical Updates Only X X X
Professional Management Antivirus X X X
Automated Preventative Maintenance Items X X X
Event Monitoring From Windows Logs X X X
Access To Online Ticketing Portal Via Login X X X
Quarterly Reporting of System Health & Asset Report X X X
Alert For Predicted Failures X X X
Preferred Priority Level Emergency Response Normal Business Hours X X X
Professional Managed Antivirus Included W/Virus Cleanup X X
OS Patch Management Critical & Security Updates X X
Critical and Security Patches X X
Third Party Patching X X
Unlimited Non-Emergency Remote Help Desk Support Included During MetroTech’s Business Hours X X
Monthly Reporting of System Health & Asset Report For Accounting Purpose Quarterly Consultation Meeting With MetroTech Lead Technician/Account Manager X X
Non Microsoft Patching of Software Included Ex: Java, Adobe Reader, etc. X X
Software License Management X X
Discount on Hourly Rate Project Work & Onsite X X
Vendor Liaison X
Planned & Critical Weekend Support As Needed X
Weekly Reporting Of System. Asset Reports For Accounting Purposes Quarterly Consultation Meeting with MetroTech Lead Technician/Account Manager X
Includes Professional Help Desk Plan X
Discount On Project Work Including Emergency, After Hours and Holiday Work X
Highest Priority Over All Other Package Levels X
Local Printer Support Included Excluding Hardware X

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