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When there is a problem with your PC’s,  Server or Internet, it can mean precious and often expensive time is lost.  When you experience technology issues, who do you call?  How long will it take them to get there?  What if it could have been prevented?  Introducing MetroTech’s Managed Computer Services.  With our Managed Services offering, you no longer have to worry, and often times you may not have to wait for us to come to your location.  It all starts by selecting the package that works best for you.  Our engineers will analyze your network environment and offer solutions.  Next, we install what’s called an “agent” on your PC’s, and Servers.  This allows us to offer remote support and monitoring.  We monitor  your error logs and other elements that can help us identify risks and prevent system downtime and lost money.

Benefits Include:

Peace of Mind – Know that we are monitoring your systems for failure, and will respond to it immediately.

Easy Communication – One number to call, or better yet, we call you when we identify a problem.

Flexible levels of Service – Choose the amount of service you need for your business.

Easy Budgeting – Rather than big ups and downs in payment for IT services, a simple flat payment per month.

Better System Performance – Everyone hates waiting on the computer.

Antivirus Included – The dreaded virus can and will be avoided, your data protected.

No Long Term Contracts.

No more arrogant computer tech speaking another language.

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