What Our Customers Are Saying

Some Of Our Customer’s Testimonials

“Our first contact with MetroTech was wonderful. They are very knowledgeable about their products, attentive to your needs and provided us with sound solutions about our equipment. MetroTech took the time with our company to when we were in need and no one else could help us. Their service has been terrific and they are just a phone call away. I don’t know any other company you can call and they are in the building within the hour”.
Chad Ralston
President, United Lenders of America

“Over the past couple of years MetroTech has been our go-to company for support in creating our data management backbone. They have done an outstanding job in creating and maintaining our entire server to individual user computer system. We have enjoyed their services both as a knowledge base and as a very capable trouble shooting organization whenever necessary. We would highly recommend this company to any company who might be looking for someone to maintain and manage their data systems or considering taking their data management system to new levels”.
Clark Williams
President, More Space Place, Clearwater, FL

“With my entire office down for three days at the hand of a tech that I am certain did not know what he was doing, I decided to call MetroTech. I was hesitant that they were going to leave me in the same state as the last company. It was just a small networking job that seemed to have turned major. I called and the first impression was wonderful. They were helpful and knowledgeable. They came out on a Saturday morning with no complaints and within 15 minutes they had both of my computers networked together and my fax machine working again., as well as my scanner. I would never have thought that in such a short time a knowledgeable technician would come in and fix it all.”
Ken & Barby Darby
Co-Owners, Sunset Condo Rentals- Madeira Beach, FL

“We had a major power surge that damaged our server, MetroTech were onsite within an hour of my call. [The technician] worked tirelessly throughout the day and into the late night to get the server repaired. At 8:00 am the next morning our server was up and running and our business network was operational again. MetroTech showed a sincere concern for the impact on our business and provided exceptional customer service to get the repairs completed.”
Bryan Boliard
CFO, Tyson Bolt & Supply- Tampa, FL

“Since working with MetroTech we have experienced a significant decrease in our network downtime. MetroTech have provided a prompt response and great customer service. They have ‘gone the extra mile’ a number of times to work with Dell and other vendors to sort out problems on our behalf, and have always managed to get a great deal for us.”
Betty Torres
Office Administrator, Emerald Greens Golf Resort & Country Club- Tampa, FL

“We experienced a hard-drive failure in our server in the middle of Holy Week and were in a state of panic. MetroTech staff calmed and reassured us and came out to us immediately. The technicians were knowledgeable, kind & respectful and provided us with excellent service. Our hard drive, and data, was saved.”
Patti Pachack
St Catherine of Siena Catholic Church- Clearwater, FL

“Picking the right IT Company has proven to be a lot of hard work. There are companies with empty promises and outrageous rates as well as poor customer service. My first encounter with Metrotech was a Mixer event for businesses in the area. I meet Kirstie Wilson as she was there representing MetroTech and she gave me her card. I responded with a busy calendar and asked her to get in touch with me over two weeks later. To my amazement she did it. Not only did she call me but before she called me she followed up with me via mail. I anticipated her phone call and spoke with her and Eric a couple times before he recommended coming out to survey my business. His assistant called to Verify the appointment and then when he was caught in traffic she called to let me know that he was stuck in traffic. What customer service. I have never had anyone with this level of customer appreciation for their customer. I think that this is exactly what I was looking for in an IT Company. With this level of customer service their work and strive for reliability should be bar none. I am looking forward to working with MetroTech to make my IT successful for my business.”
Paula Blanda
Great Florida Insurance- Lakeland, FL

“We had a critical error with our SQL server, which stopped access to our accounting software program. We use this software package on a daily basis to run our business. With the SQL server problem, we really thought we were in trouble. With one phone call to MetroTech, their highly skilled team was on the problem. They worked tirelessly and without any loss of data, they were able to restore functionality to both the SQL server and the accounting software. A real professional team that we would recommend to all businesses.”
Joshua Abrams
Operations Manager, More Space Place- Asheville, NC

“I was amazed at the response time when I called MetroTech to let them know that something was just not right with my server. My hard drive in my server had failed. Metrotech was on the job within the hour. They ordered my new hard drive and had it delivered installed and running the next day. Without them there is no telling what could have happened to my server and potentially my business productivity. With a company like MetroTech I don’t have to worry about my business being sacrificed because of my occasional IT hiccups.”
Rob Holliday
Installation Supervisor, Acclaim Cabinets- Tampa, FL

“The team at MetroTech LLC have been providing and maintaining our company’s IT service since 2011. Of course computer or network problems never happen at a convenient time but the service tech have jumped in to keep our computer down time to the absolute minimum. Their product and backup recommendations have been invaluable. I highly recommend MetroTech for your computer service needs.”
Lynn – Google Review
Malvern Group Cartridge Services, Inc. – Largo, FL

“Great local business! I have used Metrotech numerous times and will continue to. The staff is very knowledgeable and honest. They provide a great service at a fair price.”
 Jason Llano
Google Review

“Your Tech has been doing an excellent job since starting here at ATM’s desktop support role.  We have been very impressed with his interest in staying ahead of any potential issues and how he is doing everything he can to make sure things get done right the first time.
He often checks in with me when he first arrives, to let me know what his priorities are for the day. That is an excellent way for me to be reminded about what is being worked on and to be able to reprioritize issues if necessary.
He also has been revolving issues quicker than his predecessors and/or escalating them to make sure that they get resolved quickly.
ATM very happy with having him as the main contact for our help desk now.”
Peter Temko
American Tool & Mold – Clearwater, FL

“Thank you so much.  I’m very happy, you always have great and knowledgeable techs, they always take the time to solve the problems. Love MetroTech, you guys rock! Best Regards.”
Luis Rivera
CNC Works Service – Clearwater, FL

“I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Metro Tech for your company’s managed support services. I have had the pleasure of working with Eric Plummer and his team for over six years. Not only is Eric very knowledgeable, he has surrounded himself with reliable experienced staff that go above and beyond to resolve our firm’s IT issues. In fact, by using the managed support services provided by Metro Tech, we have gone from  “putting out fires” related to IT issues to having very few minor problems during the year which are handled quickly and professionally  by Eric and the Metro Tech staff.

Moving our IT solution from a standard break fix program to the managed support services platform offered by Metro Tech provides not only quality services that we can rely on, but peace of mind as well.  We know that Eric and his team have our firm’s best interest in mind as they resolve our IT concerns – whatever they might be – and that they will be available to us if we need them.

If you should have any questions regarding our experience with Metro Tech, please feel free to contact my office directly.”
Teresa P. Williams PA – Clearwater, FL

“We just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with MetroTech since we chose you to manage our services in 2012, so I feel confident in recommending you to other companies. Whether we have concerns with our server, new programs, having internet difficulties or just need professional advice from your knowledgeable employees, we have always been completely satisfied with your work.  We also appreciate the prompt attention we receive when time is of the essence. I would highly recommend you to other companies.”
Heather Souther
All South Lightning Protection, Inc. – Tampa, FL

“Prior to our migration with United Surgical Partners International (USPI)  we utilized MetroTech for all of our IT needs.  The contract we had was for a set amount for your services- sorry but I cannot remember what you call that system.  What I know is we paid a flat fee for the month that included your help whenever we called. What this method helped us with was not having to “nickel and dime” every ticket.

What I noticed with our contract:

  • We all knew from the contract what to expect from each other.
  • MetroTech always went above and beyond and definitely erred to our benefit all the time when deciding on ticketing our issues.
  • We received more than our monies worth.
  • If a ticket seemed to be above and beyond our contract we always had a discussion and clearance before any new fees were charged.

Other things to note:

  • During one of our biggest challenges with our new corporate partner-a computer migration; MetroTech was with every step of the way and had our back at every turn.  I literally could not have had such a successful transition without them.
  • MetroTech and their whole team is very knowledgeable, helpful, and courteous.  My staff members on site comment all the time about their professionalism.
  • USPI is a major surgical center company in Florida with over 20 centers; the corporate USPI IT team had already asked MetroTech to be part of their local team.  That partnership requires a lot of vetting out of other companies – and MetroTech shines against the others.

Thank you all so much for your help and thank you for your continued support of PSC.”
Teri Ulm
United Surgical Partners International – Tampa, FL

“Metrotech has been an invaluable resource for our business.  By utilizing their monitoring and backup services we have managed to not only increase the up-time and provide continuity of mission critical systems, but to also avoid adding costly overhead as our business expanded to multiple sites across the country.  In addition to managed services Metrotech has also been our go to resource for various hardware upgrades, volume licensing and certificate purchases.  We have found their staff to be professional, knowledgeable and easy to work with.”
Jason Friedley
Director of Technology, More Space Place – Clearwater, FL

“We want to let you know that we are and have been very happy and pleased with MetroTech since we chose them to manage our IT services. I have had the pleasure of working with Eric Plummer and his team for several years. Not only is Eric very knowledgeable, he has surrounded himself with reliable, experienced staff that go above and beyond to resolve our firm’s IT issues. In fact, by using the IT support services provided by MetroTech, we have gone from struggling with IT issues to having very few minor problems during the year which are handled quickly and professionally by Eric and the MetroTech staff.  We know that Eric and his team have our firm’s best interests in mind as they resolve our IT concerns whether they are related to our PC’s, network equipment, server, new programs, having internet difficulties or just need professional advice from knowledgeable employees.  We also appreciate the prompt attention we receive when time is of the essence. Therefore, I feel confident in recommending them to other companies.

MetroTech has been most helpful in the recent past by helping us move into a new location, add some additional computers, provide a new backup solution and straighten out some of our email issues. In all, we could not be more pleased with MetroTech staff for our IT services.”
Julie Kline
Vice President of Finance, Brier Patch Capital & Management

“Just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the recent efforts of both Tony and Nick to configure and install the new Office Computer (RockyTop) at Oakhurst Learning Center. Other than one very small hiccup with Remote Desktop Access everything went smoothly and appears to be working very well.  Again thank you and your team with making the upgrade go so smoothly and please let them know I appreciate their efforts”.
Rick & Lisa Hall
Oakhurst Learning Center

“I appreciate the assistance through the production process.  You were spot on and we really worked well with one another. I cannot say enough about Deanna, she is a super star!..I am now excited to be able to have “real time” experience with what you offer and your detailed attention to quality communication & service”.
Angela Russo
Angela Russo’s Graphic Design Service

“Thank you! Could I have done what you did for me today?  Eventually. My customer deserved better.  You helped provide better”.

“I can now provide meaningful, ongoing support, work station updates/upgrades and all the customer deserves. While on site today, I rolled Kaspersky onto their 14 systems.  I can now work to implement utilization of what a quality RMM, PSA, MSP platform can do.  I am probably ready to roll them onto a monthly retainer.  Efforts of the past 6 months have taken the hiccups almost daily to smooth running network.  Your assist has been a tremendous benefit. Thank you”.
Martin “Dan” Margheim

“We have been customers of MetroTech since 2011. Eric and his staff are amazingly knowledgeable and responsive to the needs of our small business. Our business flooded and fried our server. They had us back up and running in 36 hours thanks to their back up service. I can say enough good things about MetroTech!!
Annette Wetherby  – 5/31/18
Google Review

“Thank you for knowledgeable and efficient service Elias”.
Interbay Estate Sales  – 6/6/18

“Thank you guys so much. After dealing with another network repair company for 6 months and my scanner/printer having network problems your tech reconfigured the network while I shadowed him and PROVED to me that the other company set up my networked printer and all computers wrong. Thank you again”.
Greg Moore
Roll Shield LLC  – 6/6/18
Google Review

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