Ransomware Attack VS Managed IT Service

Update From MetroTech About The Current Petya Ransomware

June 28, 2017

Dear MetroTech Client,

Petya is a new strain of ransomware that shares similar traits to the recent Wannacry variant that plagued networks just several weeks ago. Some of you may already be familiar with this malware as it has been a headline in news articles lately. Petya has struck over 65 countries at this time and is targeting business organizations, taking over computer systems, spreading within the network, encrypting data and demanding money in the form of bitcoin to restore that information.

Clients utilizing our Managed Services can rest assured that we are constantly monitoring the code of this malware and implementing preventative measures as we become aware of them. Currently, Microsoft has issued new security updates to protect computers running it’s windows platform that we will be pushing to all managed workstations and servers immediately as they become available. We are also implementing scripts to adjust the security of the windows file systems to help alleviate the risk. Additionally, the virus definitions on our AntiVirus software are consistently being updated to actively detect and protect against Petya. Furthermore, clients with our Datto backup solution are further protected from any threats.

Here’s what you can do to protect yourself if you are not utilizing our Managed Services platform.

Backup your computers. Keeping a constant backup of your environment will allow you to restore all of your data without paying ransomware fees should you get the malware infection. MetroTech provides both local and offsite back up services with Managed Services.

 Ensure that your windows operating systems are completely updated. Simply setting windows to automatically update is not enough. Perform Windows Updates checks consistently to be sure. At MetroTech we screen all updates prior to their deployment to retain a healthy patch cycle.

Install and update an AntiVirus Solution. You need a solution that not only scans your computer on demand, but one that can actively block, notify you and resolve threats.

An enterprise AntiVirus solution is also offered with our managed services platform.

Additionally, we advise extra caution when dealing with emails or social media websites as these tend to be a hub for attracting these cyber attacks.

Eric Plummer
MetroTech, LLC