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MetroTech’s IT consulting and cloud services will enable your workforce to quickly, easily, and securely share and communicate with each other and your partners.

Increasing efficiency and accuracy with cutting-edge technology is the best way to stay ahead of the competition, and with MetroTech, you’ll always have the best software and tools to serve your clients promptly and effectively. You’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing you won’t ever miss a deadline because of sub-par IT.


In the legal sector today, clients demand fast service that’s available at all times from their law firm, and MetroTech can help you plan, deploy, and maintain an IT infrastructure that enables you to meet their demand. We’ll also help with integrating case and workflow management software into your IT environment so you can better serve your clients and give your workforce every available technological advantage.


MetroTech knows that in the insurance industry, data security and service availability are top IT priorities. Customers need to know their data is safe with you, and that they can use your services from any device, at any time. Our technicians will keep your systems running at peak performance 24/7 so your clients can always make a claim or check the status of an existing one. We’ll also help you acquire software that enhances your services and customer experiences, empowering you to better satisfy and grow your client base.

Financial Services

No one needs to tell you that efficient and secure handling of private information is an absolute must for financial services companies. Call on MetroTech, and you’ll never have to worry about it again. We’ll set up a cloud infrastructure that improves both your security and service availability while lowering your operating costs. Our multiple layers of cybersecurity countermeasures will protect your business from any existing or future online threat, and our expert consultants will ensure your company achieves and maintains compliance with any government or industry regulations.


Patients rely on you for fast, accurate services, and MetroTech understands that your technology is the key. Our technicians will deploy a customized IT infrastructure that keeps EHR and other vital data secure, always available, and accessible from anywhere, empowering your workforce to provide more efficient care and improve your patients’ outcomes. Our cybersecurity consultants will also protect your network against cyberattacks, current or new, and ensure you are always compliant with HIPAA and any other applicable regulations.


We help retail and consumer goods industry players live up to their customers’ expectations through technology. With over 17 years of domain experience, our retail IT consultants serve custom software solutions to the entire retail ecosystem, supporting client businesses across physical and digital.

Property Management

Through our extensive experience integrating properties into our management portfolio, we have developed a proven methodology for managing the people, processes and technology issues associated with all aspects of the integration including hardware and software installation, data conversion, procedure definition and training for the property management industry.

Benefits Of
Managed IT Services

Peace of Mind – Know that we are monitoring your systems for failure, and will respond to it immediately

Easy Communication – One number to call, or better yet, we call you when we identify a problem

Flexible Levels of Service – Choose the amount of service you need for your business

Easy Budgeting – Rather than big ups and downs in payment for IT services, a simple flat payment per month

Better System Performance – Everyone hates waiting on the computer

Antivirus Included – The dreaded virus can and will be avoided, your data protected

No Long Term Contracts

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