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Get the Competitive Edge With Managed IT Services From MetroTech And Keep Your Business Technology At It's Best.

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What are Managed IT Services and how would my company benefit from working with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) like MetroTech LLC?

This is one of the many questions we hear from business owners wanting to protect their corporate IT structure. Managed IT Service is a technique for applying prevention versus reaction. In today’s connected world we can no longer wait until we are hit, we must work proactively to reduce our exposure while containing our IT expenses.

When there is a problem with your PC’s, Server or Internet, it can mean precious and often expensive productive time is lost. When you experience technology issues, who do you call? How long will it take them to get there? What if it could have been prevented?

MetroTech’s Managed IT Services offers you a way to reduce and or eliminate that worry. Often our monitoring protocol will alert us to any potential abnormalities in your system thus activating our technical support team to correct the errors before your company is even aware. If a problem does present itself, we can immediately access your system to start the repair process, reducing your system down time, emergency IT expenses and allowing resumption of productivity at a faster pace.

Managed IT Service Packages

MetroTech offers three levels of Managed IT Service packages. We do not lock you into a contract and encourage our customers from time to time to adjust their level of service to fit their corporate IT strategy. As your Managed Service Provider (MSP), we feel you should always see the value or you don’t have to be on the plan.

Essentials – Many companies start off with our Essential, basic level package. This package includes preventative maintenance and monitoring.

Professional – Our mid-level package. Most companies find this the most cost effective. It includes the services offered in the Essential package plus more tools such as third-party patching to take care of the nag screens. The Professional also includes unlimited remote help desk for non-emergencies.

Worry Free Support – MetroTech’s worry free package. This is for companies that don’t want the hassle of fluctuating bills. This package includes all the services of the Professional package in addition to providing onsite non-emergency visits and vendor liaisons.

View our comparison chart of services included in each of MetroTech’s Managed IT Service Packages.

At MetroTech we are confident that a lot of the IT service can be done remotely, however there is no replacement for the relationship. We believe that a combination of onsite and remote is essential for the health of the relationship and our clients computer systems.

How Do I Know If My Company Needs Managed IT Services?

  1. When your computer systems have repeat problems and chronic failures.
  2. When you want to ensure you are following compliance guidelines within your industry regulations.
  3. When you want the competitive edge, your system must be up and operational.
  4. You believe that reporting and statistics are important to run your business, wouldn’t the same in IT be beneficial.
  5. Your tired of surprise IT expenses.

What You Should Know About Managed IT Services?

When comparing the cost of Managed IT Service versus “Break Fix Style” Service, corporate consumers tend to agree that Managed IT Service is the most cost-efficient way to go. Because of this trend, many IT service providers are moving away from the old-style “Break Fix” method for corporate clients. When choosing a Managed Service Provider (MSP) know that no two plans are the same and if you ask twenty different IT providers what Managed IT Services means, you will get twenty different answers. At MetroTech we encourage you to ask questions, review what is included in each package plan and make sure you are comfortable with what you are being presented. If it sounds too good to be true then it is. If they are pushy, run away.

How Does Managed IT Service work?

Our Managed IT Service offerings work with a combination of software, automation and human engineers to ensure that the right prevention and maintenance practices are being applied. You select the package which works best for you. Our engineers will analyze your network environment and offer solutions. We install what is called an “agent” on your PC’s and servers. This allows us to offer remote support and monitoring. We monitor your error logs and elements that can help us identify risk thus preventing system downtime plus incurring the expense.

Benefits Of
Managed IT Services

Peace of Mind – Know that we are monitoring your systems for failure, and will respond to it immediately

Easy Communication – One number to call, or better yet, we call you when we identify a problem

Flexible Levels of Service – Choose the amount of service you need for your business

Easy Budgeting – Rather than big ups and downs in payment for IT services, a simple flat payment per month

Better System Performance – Everyone hates waiting on the computer

Antivirus Included – The dreaded virus can and will be avoided, your data protected

No Long Term Contracts

Managed IT Services
Worry Free Managed IT Service
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